August 5, 2016

About Us

BK Productions was formed in 2008 by four friends who loved to make comedic short videos. Bob Koerber, Dakota Frontiera, Gary Sisk, and Brandon Crowe spent the next several years spreading their silly antics and unique covers all over youtube and social media.

Presently, what started out as a hobby grew into a passion and ultimately has become a one stop place to help others take their music or videos to the next level.

We offer many services such as video editing, audio recording and mastering,photography, and music lessons all from our brand new studio located in Dayton Tennessee. With our extremely reasonable prices we wanted to create a place where your song can be heard, or your video idea could come to fruition, and that is exactly what we have done.

Here at the BKP Studio website you should be able to find answer to any questions you may have. Feel free to look around and contact us for free consultations.
Bob Koerber
BK Productions Studio Founder